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The Easy Cash Phenomenon


1. Can I use the tracks on my videos other than Youtube?
A: Yes. You can use them on any video you make for any social media site of your choice and on your own personal websites as well. 
2. Can I resell your tracks after I have purchased them on my website?
A: No. All of our stock is licensed to the buyer for non-commercial use only. Please do not re-sell our stock as your own stock.
3. Can I edit the tracks to suit my needs?
A: Yes. You can edit them in any way that you need them to be altered for your needs. You may add effects, and/or shorten the duration lengths to suit your own need for the track. 
4. Can I use the tracks to write songs to and possibly use the tracks in a CD production for my backup to my song? 
A: Should this happen and you want to use the track you have purchased as a backup on your album, you will have to contact us to make further arrangements regarding this type of issue. 
5. Can I use the tracks for background music on my personal website? 
A: Yes. You can use the tracks for background music on anything you wish.